Meet the Team

Five people, five different personalities, five great resources, working as a team to make sure every customer gets star treatment. Whether recommending a product or advising our customers, their professionalism is our mark of quality.

We believe, and think you agree, that quality service is much more than just the clothes we sell.


Stefania’s warm smile will welcome you at our store in Treviso, giving you a first taste of Mazzoli's care for customers. Over the years, Stefania’s extensive knowledge and passion for tailoring has gained the trust of our customers. She offers a unique service - advising our customers on the right garment, offering fitting services and recommending a few adjustments. What advice would she give a man on the right style? “Every man is different. Every man has his own style, shape and posture. It’s my job to make sure that each customer dresses with class but in a way that matches his own special personality”.

 is the life and soul of the shop, which she enriches with unusual details. Always confident and enthusiastic, she is an expert in window-dressing, combining good taste with always new ideas. She brings this skill inside the store, where she encourages customers to try something different, although always  sophisticated. Her quality lies in understanding how to make Woman look at their very best. 
passion for details and always manages to add a touch of originality in everything she does. He is discreet but determined and is able to put every customer at ease, as well as  to recommend outfits that play with a variety of different materials. Her ideas are precious for the making of windows, and so is her collaboration to our web-site and social media.

His long experience in our store in Treviso has found its right collocation in the store in San Donà di Piave. Customers appreciate his professionalism and his attention for the tiniest detail, in particular when he is helping them during the fitting of a tailor’s suit. His practical but refined taste will help you to find the perfect outfit for all occasions.
A female touch is essential in a menswear store. Elena, with her smile and her kind, yet confident manners, is able to understand the customers’ needs, whether they already know what to buy or are looking for a personalized advice. Thanks to her organizing ability, each request and need of the customers are promptly satisfied.