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Maria Cristina Barbon


Education - Maria Cristina Barbon attended the Liceo Artistico  of Treviso and then graduated in 1980 in architecture at the I.U.A.V. University in Venice. She then started her activity both as a teacher and as an architect but in the meantime she attended plastic arts laboratory courses and classes, to pursue her love for sculpture. She then retired from her profession as architect and she dedicated completely to her passion for sculpture.
Her artistic research is influenced by  both her experience as an architect and by her studies of artworks by other artists such as Manzù, Arturo Martini and Messina. This artistic path lead her to the development of a personal style esteemed by art critics and by her public.

Subjects - Maria Cristina Barbon’s main themes are female figures. Her sculpture portrays women, young girls and children in composite series that represent everyday life experience combined with metaphorical concepts. Maria Cristina Barbon never does any preparation drafts or sketches: her sculpture comes to life directly from her deep connection with clay.

Techniques and Materials - Maria Cristina Barbon’s sculptures are made of clay or can be bronze fusions elaborated on a variety of colours that make her artworks’ final effect similar to the one of clay.
Her latest personal exhibitions took place in:

  • Possagno (TV), at the Canova Foundation- Antonio Canova Plaster Cast Museum;
  • Treviso, at Casa Robegan;
  • Nove di Bassano (VI), at the Museum of Ceramics.
In 2012 she took part in the International Biennale of Art of Asolo (TV) and was awarded the first prize for the sculpture section. In 2013 she was asked to participate to the International Biennale of Art of Palermo.

Published artworks:
  • Catalogo dell’Arte Contemporanea 2011- Mondadori editions
  • Catalogo degli Scultori Italiani 2011 – 12 – Mondadori editions
  • Arte – Mondadori editions
  • Effetto Arte – Mondadori editions
  • Personal Catalogues are available.

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